June 24, 2014

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So, I got an email a few weeks ago from a total stranger asking if he could find Backronym Hero out in the wild. I was shocked to discover that anyone besides a few friends and family read this, and then I felt bad for neglecting my blog for so long! In my defense, it has been a crazy year, moving across Canada... again, 3 job changes, saying goodbye to my sweet little kitty after 17 years and did I mention all that moving and driving and job changing?

So what is the deal with Backronym Hero? Well, I have a super buggy alpha version that I haven't touched since last July. Chances are I may not get back to it for quite a while since my current priorities are steering me away from Flash, and away from games (for now)... GASP!

I've been very focused on another project that has been consuming most of my free time, and I'm also coding in PHP and javascript again, and surprisingly I'm loving it. I was investigating technologies to use for this new project, and I was purposely ignoring PHP since I had grown very tired of Zend, CodeIgniter and my beloved Yii. I was intrigued by Node.js, the thought of being able to use the same language for the back-end as well as the front-end is very appealing. I definitely enjoy working with node, but it wasn't a good fit for this particular project. Next, I went down the java road, then .net... and in both cases I found them to be cost-prohibitive. So, after struggling through the unpleasantness of working in PHP again I stumbled across a mention of Laravel (in a Yii forum actually).

I was definitely skeptical at first, since I've been bitten by PHP frameworks before, but I have to say that after working with it for about 6 months it really is a great framework to work with. I typically build my web apps so the server layer is just an api, I don't like to build my web pages with server code. A lot of my frustration comes from trying to separate out the view stuff from the server stuff. So far, it's been very easy to build my web apps the way I actually want to with Laravel. In addition to Laravel, the web has really matured in the past 2 years with a lot of great tooling. I seriously haven't been this excited to do web stuff in quite a few years.

Aaaaaanywaaaay, now that I'm settled into the new city, home and job I have a bunch of draft posts waiting to be edited, talking about a lot of the new tools I've been playing with, and this awesome project I'm working on. Until I get around to editing and publishing them, if you find yourself in pain PHP development hell, you should totally check out Laravel. I've also subscribed to Laracasts, I think it's well worth the price.



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