May 12, 2013

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Backronym Hero coming to a web page near you
I've been spending a lot of free time these days working on a game (for me... for a change). It's almost ready to share. YAY! I've even somehow managed to convince +Jordan to code the multiplayer and game logic for me :)

It's inspired by Acrophobia, my favourite word game of the 90's. I've searched for versions of it online and on my phone but the only one I could actually play was extremely buggy. Why not make my own? Sure! It's great to work on games you truly love playing, and I get to brush up on my uber rusty UI design skills.

I've modernized it a fair bit and was inspired by the retro comic book style, I'm so excited to see it starting to come to life. I'm not an artist, I enjoy drawing and designing, but I really struggle with getting what's in my head down on paper, or on the screen in this case, so I've been trying to practice getting the outcome I envision. (I'm sure there's an artistic term for that) I decided to simplify the theme, to help make it an easier target for me to hit, and so far I'm loving the results.

There's nothing new or earth shattering in the design, but I think it's fun and simple, and most importantly it really does remind me of those old comic books of my youth.
Here's a peek at the main menu screen.

I managed to find some Photoshop colour swatches so I could stay true to the colour palette of the day, and I also learned a bunch of new stuff along the way.
Some in-game action. This screen is not quite finished yet.

My original design included a super cute hero character, but I've had to dial back my expectations a bit. Realistically I just don't have the time, so maybe he'll be part of the 2.0 version. These screenshots are my second draft version of the game's UI, and I like it, so this is what we're using for the first release to Facebook (then Android).  I can't wait to share the results with my word-game loving friends :) If you want to be part of the test group let me know and I'll set you up. For now I should get back to work.


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