February 11, 2013

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Sad attempt at cartooning.
The artists at work have started up a little game where they choose someone from the office to draw. The first victim was a fellow programmer, and some of the caricatures were so well done or just so funny I was inspired to get in on the action. I haven't drawn in a very long time, and thought this would be the perfect time to take my tablet for a spin.

I installed Sketchbook Pro for Android and thought I'd be an expert in no time! Ha! I have never really been able to get the hang of digital drawing. I enjoy drawing as a hobby, and have tried using a Cintiq and a bamboo, but I found it all too frustrating and kept reverting back to my pencil and paper. This time I figured the simplicity of using a capacitive stylus (I'm using this one) with my tablet would be a little easier to get the hang of.

I got off to a rocky start, I couldn't get a smooth line, everything looked like it was drawn by an over-caffeinated 90 year old. I was very close to just packing it in, but thought I'd check online to see if others were having this same issue. I stumbled across a forum (sorry I didn't save the link) where someone mentioned that you should try faster strokes. AHA! I don't do anything fast, especially when I draw. Every line is very slow and deliberate... because I'm not very good at it yet.

Back to the tablet, thinking faster strokes, faster... and I managed to sketch out this little guy:
Caricature attempt, take 2
My lines are smoother! Hoorah!
He didn't really turn out quite as I planned, but I thought it was pretty cute, so I went with it. I was trying to make him look disappointed, but he just kept looking really sad. I thought about what this particular person might be so sad about, and laughed to myself when the answer popped into my head.
Down with Hungarian Notation!
Not bad for my first tablet sketch.
I still have A LOT of practicing to do, but I really enjoy the simplicity of the tablet app for my leap into digital drawing. Maybe after I get used to this, I can switch back to the cintiq ready to tackle the more advanced features.


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