February 10, 2013

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OK! I am having way too much fun playing around with this website. It's a Chrome only experience created with Disney for the upcoming movie OZ The Great and Powerful.

I thought the initial photo-booth was kinda cool, but this moving picture booth is way more fun. Check out me in my Sunday PJ's and bedhead... oh damn, is that a flying monkey?
I'm still afraid of flying monkeys!
1 frame from my moving picture creation
See my full animated picture here

If you're using Chrome, you definitely need to check this out. If you're not using Chrome, you should go get it right now so you can check out this awesome Chrome Experiment. www.findyourwaytooz.com.

I'm totally nerding out now, reading about the technologies used to make this site happen. Check out the case study if you want to see what's under the hood. - http://www.html5rocks.com/en/tutorials/casestudies/oz/

I wish I was working on cutting edge technology again. I miss being ahead of the curve.


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