February 19, 2013

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The tablet drawings continue. This time around I chose Worf, er... Dworf! Ahhh ha ha, I think I'm sooooo funny.

It was hard to narrow down the reference material here. Which uniform? Worf with short hair or long hair? Worf the not so merry man? I decided to go with classic Worf, as he looked for most of the TNG series. Although, I may have to revisit this character and go with the Merry Man outfit.

Worf... shiny happy person since 2340
I had to erase his folded arm a few times, but eventually some of that old Fashion Illustration class came back to me. Lucky for me there are a lot of angry models crossing their arms.

Moustaches are not easy.
Oh the hair! I definitely need some practice drawing facial hair.

You have no honour! You left out my silver sash!

LOVE LOVE LOVE him! Aside from his uber shiny shoes of course ;)

I have absolutely no idea who to draw next. I'm thinking superhero except I'm really trying to draw real people or live action characters. I'll try to choose a smilier character next. Believe it or not, I'm thinking about a real american hero.

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  1. Lieutenant Worf: [about Klingon tea ceremony] It is a test of bravery - of one's ability to look at the face of mortality. It is also a reminder that death is an experience best shared - like the tea.

    Doctor Pulaski: Worf, you're a romantic!

    Lieutenant Worf: It is among the Klingons that love poetry achieves its fullest flower.